Manifest Your Destiny


"I dwell in Possibility- A fairer House than Prose- More numerous of Windows- Superior-for Doors- Of Chambers as the Cedars- Impregnable of Eye- And for an Everlasting Roof- The Gambrels of the Sky- Of Visitors- the fairest- For Occupation- This- The spreading wide my narrow Hands- To gather Paradise- "

~ Emily Dickinson


Surrender.jpg~ Surrendering to Life

th-6WIIAssembly.jpg~ "We are programmed in our society and education system to get a job – be a worker," he says. "I had a hell of a job getting over this, as I need to get my thinking and core beliefs to say 'yes, it's okay to have lots of things, to do whatever I feel like'."

th.jpg~ Absolute Clarity

~ Your Purpose and Your Passion


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