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"For two years Goldmund labored over his work... Within the carved stairwell he created a small paradise, like a poem: with lusty pleasure he formed a gracious wilderness of trees, foliage, and weeds with birds sitting in the branches amidst the bodies and heads of animals peering up to them. In the midst of this peacefully sprouting primordial garden, he carved several scenes from the lives of the patriarchs. ... On rare occasions a day would come when he found it impossible to work, when he was driven away from his creation by restlessness or disgust. Then he assigned his apprentice a small task and escaped into the country on foot or on horseback, breathed the open air in the forest and gained from it an admonishing scent of freedom and vagrancy. Now and then he sought out a farmer's daughter, or he went hunting, or lay in the green fields for hours, staring at the treetops above, vaulting like the heavens, and into the confused wilderness of fern and heather below. "

~ Hermann Hesse, from 'Narcissus and Goldmund'


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