Manifest Your Destiny


"As we slowly enter the creative stream, we may know, on the one hand, what we want to express. On the other hand, we stand reverently in the face of infinity, not knowing, questioning what may grow spontaneously out of the moment. The medium we choose is nothing more than an extension, a synthesis, of our greatest enthusiasms and resonating questions. In our quiet moments, we might ask ourselves to what our bodies and minds magnetically attracted- fully; unreservedly; and sometimes secretly, because it is too precious to be intruded upon, too close to be impeded. To approach that simple question is enough."

~ David Ulrich, "The Widening Stream, the Seven Stages of Creativity".


sparestringsreviews.jpg ~ Fostering New Creativity

Murphy-climbing-rocks.jpg ~ When the Going Gets Tough

900-3.jpg ~ That Thing You'd Die For

~ Isaac Lidsky~ What Reality Are You Creating For Yourself? ~


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