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"It had been gradually getting overcast, and now the sky was dark and lowering, save where the glory of the departing sun piled up masses of gold and burning fire, decaying embers of which gleamed here and there through the black veil, and shone redly down upon the earth. The wind began to moan in hollow murmurs, as the sun went down, carrying glad day elsewhere; and a train of dull clouds coming up against it, menaced thunder and lightning. Large drops of rain soon began to fall, and, as the storm-clouds came sailing onward, others supplied the void they left behind and spread over all the sky. Then was heard the low rumbling of distant thunder, then the lightning quivered, and then the darkness of an hour seemed to have gathered in an instant."

~Charles Dickens, Old Curiosity Shop


1429248968933.jpg~ Pineapple Heads Crowdfunding Snowballs to $200k

61E8SmActBLUX250.jpg~ Dawson's Long Journey Down 'The Black Mile'

1429437979826.jpg~ Art on the Bus

~ Seeing is Believing~ Blind Artist John Bramblitt


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