Manifest Your Destiny


"What do your answers reveal about you? If they say that you're undeserving, you need to know that they aren't demonstrating your truth. In fact, your sense of unworthiness comes from someone else's reality, fear, or need for power. And whether that "someone else" was a parent, teacher, social influence, or anybody else, you don't have to embrace their version of the truth any longer. Your real deserving isn't based on what you've been told by your parents or anyone else. Your worthiness isn't determined by how much money you make, your college degree, how old you are, or what you weigh. Instead, it originates in your divine legacy. "

~ Sandra Anne Taylor, 'Quantum Success'


11970701.jpg~ Positive Attitude Increases Success

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become-more.jpg~ Dying To Become More

~ Follow Your Heart


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