Manifest Your Destiny


"You are the Captain of Your Ship Take the helm and sail into the ocean blue With your sails unfurled and the wind at your back your decks polished to a resin new Hold on to the bow, and guide her through What storms that you may encounter in your journeys true. So Batten down your hulls of insecurities as you travel into the unknown For your confidence is the keel of this vessel and sometimes you’ll have to stand on this deck alone. For the captain you are of your ship And our hopes lie within you. So make your decisions wisely When confronted with those waves that overwhelm you, And within yourself you’ll find this to be true You are the captain of your ship And we, the crew stand behind you! "

~ Matthew Bill

HoratioNelson.jpg~ Being the Captain of Your Own Ship

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~ The Dream of Life- Alan Watts


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