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"Real freedom grows in a climate of surrender and letting go. The creative spontaneity that we seek implies a simultaneous liberation from ourselves, from our ego and mundane attachments, with a growing receptivity to the deeper, more essential parts of our nature. We learn to place our trust in our integrity, our genuine impulses. This may take place gradually or, for some, in one decisive, shining event. In my case, the loss of an eye served as a moment of deep liberation. I began to view life from an enlarged perspective that persisted for years after the event. It's a little like the old zen practice in which the master whacks the student on the back of the head and, for a moment, the student transcends the ego and experiences something else. Something in me was shaken loose, and in that process, a new internal order emerged; a new order that was a little less dominated by petty concerns- and a little more influenced by a desire to simply be open. "

~ David Ulrich, "The Widening Stream, the Seven Stages of Creativity".


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